Like most businesses, we too were taken in by “Google pro’s” promising us a spot on the first page of search engines. A few years (and thousands of dollars) later, we were still far from that goal. And, as you know, if you’re not on the first page you might as well be on the last. That is why we developed a system that actually works; a system that not only achieves results, but it doesn’t even cost you anything until it delivers.

The Facts

If you’re not first, you’re last: Search engine users never look past the first page of a query. Don’t believe me? When is the last time you’ve seen the second page of Google?

Too much local competition: No web pro can guarantee the prized positions on a search engine because there is too much local competition.

The “Promise Game”: Online marketing is a must, web pros and google optimizers hold you for ransom; charging you as much, and for as long as they please with poor results.

Short attention spans: Even if you do manage to attract a potential client through a search engine, they will not read your website. On average, you have 5-7 seconds to capture someone’s interest. The majority of people will not take the time to research you, your employees, or see your past projects regardless of how well designed it is or how many search words it has.

Our Solution

Work with what’s possible: While your website may never see the first page of google with 9 different search terms, a custom video can.

Give the people what they want: People want their information quickly, simply, and with a bit of flash. Nothing fulfills all three of those requirements like a customized filmed ad.

Eliminate local competition: Since we will only work with one company per search area (based off of your profession), you will not be forced to battle for a spot on search engines with businesses offering the same goods or services.

Stop wasting your time: Unlike other options, our videos will not require your constant attention, like managing your website. You just provide us with several search words of your choosing, three of your offices surrounding cities, and we will have your video in the first page in 2-4 weeks. You aren’t charged a monthly fee until your video appears on the 1st page.

Again, we will only be working with one office in your area, so contact us today. We are highly selective of our clients and have the right to refuse service to anyone who is unappreciative of what we provide.

For more information please visit the Top Search Marketing website. To start the system, contact us directly at 630-537-0106. Or email us at

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