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Dr. Ronald L. Schefdore is a 1983 graduate of the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. He maintained a full-time clinical practice in the western suburbs of Chicago until he retired from dentistry in 2020. That real life experience and a thirst for further knowledge lead him to develop the Pharmaden line of dental nutraceuticals.

He found that the essential connection between nutrition, medical issues, and oral health was barely touched upon in dental school. He came to realize that dentists and hygienists simply don’t know what nutrition can do for the oral cavity or why it is vitally important to conduct a blood screen test before undertaking major dental work. His seminars provide hard-hitting, practical, on-target information.

Dr. Schefdore’s colloquium has been recognized as one of the top continuing education seminars in the country by Dentistry Today Magazine for the last eight years. He serves as the President of Healthy Heart Dentistry and Pharmaden Nutraceuticals. He is the founder of Dentistry Against Diabetes and Americans Against Diabetes programs. His ardent research, books, and seminars have warranted numerous citations on national television (NBC TV Chicago, CBS, and Fox News); industry publications such as American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Excellence in Dentistry, Dentistry Today Magazine, Dental Town; and in publications like US News and World Report, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Prevention Magazine, First Magazine for Women, and Readers Digest to name a few.

The work of Dr. Schefdore and his colleagues has brought about a significant change in dentistry. He has called upon dental professionals to step up as the front line in the overall health of dental patients. Based on his accolades and attendance at seminars, dental professionals are recognizing the need and answering that call, in record numbers.

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