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PerioTherapy nutraceutical formulation is designed to support the immune system from the inside out and to promote normal gum health. PerioTherapy’s dramatic results are achieved by synergistically balancing the correct ratio of only the highest quality ingredients. A formula’s ultimate bio-availability (the body’s ability to absorb nutrients) is determined by the proper combination and the quality of the nutrients selected. PerioTherapy, a diligent homecare program, and the personalized treatment from your dentist and hygienist are the key components to good oral health:

The ONLY supplemented backed by a double blind study to show a reduction in bleeding, plaque, and pocket depth.

PerioTherapy Supplement Facts

pharmaden dental care perio care supplements


OsteoTherapy Remineralization Support. Bone Loss Support/Systemic Mineral Support is essential, yet often overlooked in gum disease, orthodontia and oral surgery. Fortunately, Pharmaden’s OsteoTherapy is a unique formulation designed to provide mineralization support to assist the body in maintaining optimal bone density.

In addition, taking the recommended dosage of calcium, or at least 500 milligrams a day, has been directly linked with the promotion of gum health. The ADA reports that this dose significantly decreases the risk of gum disease, particularly noticeable in those who are in their twenties and thirties. Calcium supplementation may also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

OsteoTherapy Supplement Facts


pharmaden dental care periocare heart health vitamin maintenanceSystemic Support: PerioCare Maintenance & Prevention is specifically designed as the perfect complement following PerioTherapy, to help maintain the results of the Dentist’s Treatment. Pharmaden’s PerioCare special proprietary formulation developed to help maintain and enhance the body’s host resistance.

Optional: Continue OsteoTherapy as an ongoing support program for bone re-mineralization. Calcium supplementation may also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

PerioCare Supplement Facts

periocare supplement facts

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Pharmaden supplements do not cure, treat, or prevent disease. Always see a physician before taking any supplement.

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