“In 2019 we made improvements to Pharmaden’s OsteoTherapy formula (now called OsteoTherapy+) to be able to offer our customers the best product based on current research, but, I also had my own personal reasons.

You see, my son has (according to mayo clinic) a very rare form of rheumatoid arthritis. To be 100% open with you, we thought we were going to lose him because doctors could not figure out why he was in so much pain, lost 60 lbs., and was barely able to move. At 29, an otherwise healthy, young man could only get around with the use of a cane…when he could get out of bed. One Thanksgiving, he went to the ER in a lot of pain, along with other symptoms, and the radiologist and ER doctor misdiagnosed him and told us he had brain cancer. Can you imagine how freakin’ scary that night was?!

The inflammation rheumatoid arthritis causes and the drugs taken to reduce inflammation, regardless if it is a rare or common form, can destroy bone, leading to osteoporosis. For years, my son has been on high levels of prednisone. We don’t know if he ever will get off of it, or, if he can, for how long before a flare up. Do you know what extended use of prednisone does to the bone? Corticosteroids can dramatically weaken bones and lead to osteoporosis.

Then, a few years ago, my wife fell getting out of a golf cart and broke her hip. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, 3 of her 6 dental implants failed after having them for years with no issues. You can’t tell me there isn’t some correlation there.

I want the best for my family. Our original OsteoTherapy was the best bone care supplement at the time it was developed but, today, there is new research that shows a huge reduction in bone fractures when taking certain nutrients and for osteoporosis protection. For a year I worked with naturopathic doctors & scientists, experts in natural healthcare, to develop what we feel is the best bone formula for my family and yours.

I’m happy to report my wife and son are doing so much better. We wish the best of health to you and your family.”

Dr. Ron Schefdore
Concerned Parent
President, Pharmaden LLC
Practicing Dentist





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