Conventional treatments for gum disease such as scaling and root planing and antibiotics only address the immediate symptoms – removing the plaque, bacteria, and diseased soft tissue. A bone supplement with the correct ratio of ingredients for high absorption like OSTEOTHERAPY can help make the bone strong by a process called remineralization. See the before and after X-rays of the bone in the research section. Minimizing bone loss also preserves the patient’s appearance by avoiding a sunken look. Minimizing bone loss is the key of not having loose teeth or dental implants. It also will help maintain the proper fit of new dentures.

OsteoTherapy is usually recommended by dentists to take during gum treatment, during large restorative procedures, and implant placement. It is also recommended for women on a daily basis for osteoporosis protection. This unique, high-absorbing, dental formulation is designed to aid in bone remineralization. It supports the body in maintaining optimal bone density. This also makes OsteoTherapy ideal for patients who are undergoing dental implants or major dental reconstruction, where bone density (strength) is vital. Systemic mineral support is essential, yet often overlooked, in treating gum disease, orthodontia, and oral surgery.

The American Dental Association has reported some amazing findings. Recent clinical studies show that patients who consumed less than 500 milligrams of calcium each day were twice as likely to experience gum disease as patients who consumed adequate amounts of calcium on a daily basis. Science also shows that patients with gum disease are many times deficient in Vitamin D. In our research section under calcium absorption, science shows that grape seed extract will improve the absorption of calcium. High quality grape seed extract is a major component of Pharmaden products.

In addition, calcium supplementation may also reduce the risk of osteoporosis and is a recommended daily supplement by the American Medical Association for women over 35 years old. Many female patients enjoy the on-going benefits of our high-absorbing calcium and vitamin D supplement. They continue to take the simple dosage, two capsules twice a day with or without meals, of OsteoTherapy even after their dental treatment is completed. The formula is digestive system friendly, thanks to a multi-enzyme complex. OsteoTherapy simply makes sense to use as an adjunct in the treatment of periodontal disease, dental implant placement, major dental work and daily at home maintenance.

For OsteoTherapy serving size: 2 tablets twice daily. Serving size is 2 capsules twice daily with meals as a dietary supplement. Take as directed by your dentist. Always check with your physician before taking any supplement or medicine.

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