Understanding Osteotherapy Treatment

Pharmaden L.L.C. offers powerful, Loma Linda tested and peer approved, nutracueticals which focus on the musculoskeletal system and optimize the body’s self-healing ability. Whether applied in the medical or dental field, one of the principle foundations of our approach is to understand the importance of the overall well-being of the body. Pharmaden’s treatment is designed to stimulate natural regeneration and aid in the healing process.

Unfortunately, with rapid advances in medical science, the concept of preventative care and treatment of the overall health our patients was lost and replaced with artificial products such as prescription drugs. Many of the “artificial’s” which we rely on today are habit forming and can cause further damage to the body’s natural healing process. As medical professionals, it is our responsibility to choose options for our patients that will not “solve” one problem, just to cause another.

The body must be viewed as one overall system; with components that need to work together synchronistically for optimal health. A problem in one organ, system, or region of the body may spread, or cause inefficient functioning elsewhere. The ensuing chain reaction may lead to a variety of (seemingly) unrelated health problems. Dental health professionals are becoming increasingly conscious of the concept of total-health, often referred to as the oral-systemic connection.

Calcium supplementation has been shown to help to prevent the bone loss caused by the impact of periodontal disease on the jawbone. As further evidence of the systemic connection, it has also been proven that calcium deficient people are more likely to develop any disease; because healthy bone is more resistant to the spread of bacteria. Pharmaden’s calcium supplement, osteotherapy, has shown to provide an excellent source of calcium due to its high rates of absorption, all natural ingredients, and proper formulation; leading to the growth of healthy bone.

Osteotherapy, by Pharmaden, is a pharmaceutical grade dietary supplement, specially formulated to provide the body what it needs to maximize its own healing power. It is not a substitute for periodontal care; but it is the perfect complement to your current treatment regimen. The key ingredient in osteotherapy is calcium citrate, which offers superior assimilation. Magnesium and silica, important for bone strength, are included with other ingredients to promote bone health, and the absorption of vital minerals.

A dentist can do little to help a patient suffering from periodontal disease without the proper tools. Likewise, the body can do little to heal itself without good “building blocks”, which can only be provided through proper nutrition. Osteotherapy gives the body what it needs to participate in its own recovery, and yields phenomenal results.

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