Better Service, Better Dentistry, Better Income (Ebook)


Better Service, Better Dentistry, Better Income: A Simple Plan To Build A More Profitable And Enjoyable Dental Practice


“Once I picked up the book I couldn’t put it down. Dentists will do a lot more dentistry following the perscription in the this book. Great for any office.”
-Howard Farran DDS, MBA, MAGD
Owner & Founder of Dentaltown.com & Dentaltown Magazine

“I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to experience an immediate increase in income.”
– Woody Oaks DDS; The Profitable Dentist Newsletter

“If you want to increase your case acceptance tomorrow, you need to read this book tonight. It’s loaded with the practical skill you need to make it easy for your patients to accept comprehensive dentistry. I recommend it to all my clients.”
– Nate Booth DDS; MS

By Steve Shapiro & Ron Schefdore D.M.D.

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What if there were a way to help create the dental practice of your dreams – and if you didn’t have to make any financial investment or hire new staff?

What if you could create a more relaxed atmosphere, get more satisfaction, and make a lot more money, all at the same time?

What if you could eliminate billing patients, and get paid in full before treatment?

Would you like more hugs from your family and appreciation from your patients?

Do you want to instantly create a demand for your dental work and practice dentistry exactly the way you want to?

Here is a short book with a simple message that will empower you to achieve these goals. It’s a proven message that’s been shared with over a million people from all walks of life. Steve Shapiro, a professional speaker and author of Listening for Success, has delivered speeches and seminars in nine countries, sharing the message you’re holding in your hands. Dr. Ron Schefdore has built a highly rewarding and profitable practice, and has mentored many dentists to get the same results. Dr. Schefdore has proven that the ideas work in his own practice, and you can prove it in your business too.

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