Nutritional Supplements

According to an article recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it has been shown that the body actually needs more vitamin supplementation than we may initially think. Research studies have reported that even those who consume the right amounts of vitamins to keep them safe from deficiency syndromes are still at risk for the development of certain chronic disease syndromes, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and also osteoporosis.

For years, our society was taught that vitamins and other nutritional supplements were a waste of time and money. We believed that, so long as we ate a reasonably healthy diet, our bodies would absorb the nutrients they needed to function well and stay healthy. Unfortunately many Americans know they do not eat enough of highly nutritious food on a daily basis. While the most health-conscious segment of our population took supplements, unfortunately it’s been something of a fringe practice, not taken seriously by the majority.

Today we also know that a systemic connection exists between oral health and overall health. Studies show the link between gum disease and many serious medical conditions from cardiovascular to diabetes to premature birth.

A 2000 double blind study at Loma Linda University showed Pharmaden’s products reduced pocket depth, bleeding, and plaque.

The Pharmaden line is available through medical professionals or on our website. Pharmaden products are not vitamins and they are not prescription medications, they are pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. These nutraceuticals are dispensed under the medical professional’s supervision as part of the overall plan of care for that patient.

Think of Pharmaden in much the same way you might view an obstetrician prescribing pre-natal vitamins to an expectant mother. We’ve simply eliminated the pharmacy’s mark-up by having the dentist giving them to their patients, or patients being able to buy them directly through us. Many dental professionals who offer Pharmaden let their patients know that the proceeds go to a local charity or are used for continuing the education of the staff.

Pharmaden nutraceuticals are not an over-priced vitamin regime or a multi-level marketing scheme. These supplements offer a long overdue adjunct to dental treatment and daily home maintenance, as well as benefits to overall health.

Nutritional therapy is modern dentistry – not a variant. Pharmaden is an advancement in conventional dentistry.

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