Nourishing the bone

Periodontal disease has been shown to increase the risk of many health conditions including diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. Continuing research is revealing more evidence of the oral-systemic link on a near daily basis. Proper treatment may be lifesaving by eliminating, or drastically reducing, the systemic health risks associated with it. However, bone loss is a lasting effect, even if there is little to no infection remaining. This devastating aspect of periodontal disease, which is often overlooked in treatment, can be addressed with a nutritional supplement product, OsteoTherapy+, from Pharmaden.

The right calcium

Although calcium supplementation is most often recommended for the preservation and regeneration on bone tissue, not all calcium supplements are created equal. Some forms of calcium, such as calcium carbonate, are difficult for some people to assimilate, and often cause acid rebound. Pharmaden’s OsteoTherapy+ Remineralization Support, contains calcium citrate, which is considered the superior form of calcium.

Additionally, calcium is not always easily absorbed into the body. Like all Pharmaden products, OsteoTherapy is formulated for maximum absorption. Ingredients like vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and grape seed extract 99% aid in the absorption of minerals.

More than calcium

Contrary to popular belief, calcium alone is not sufficient nutritional support for bone health.

  • Minerals – Bone tissue contains, and needs, a variety of minerals besides calcium. PerioCare includes minerals such as boron, selenium, and silica.
  • Vitamins – Among the many health benefits of B vitamins, they help the formation and strength of the collagen network in living bones. Vitamin K activates vital proteins for the development of healthy bone. Recent studies show taking vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium supplements did not have a significant decrease in bone fractures and, instead, taking MK4 with calcium and vitamin D does significantly lowers bone fractures. MK4 stopped and reversed bone loss, grew stronger bones, and reduced fractures more than 80%. K2-7 safely directs calcium to your bones instead of your arteries (so arteries do not harden). Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone growth and remodeling, in addition to aiding calcium absorption.
  • Other nutrients – Ingredients such as Vitis vinifera seed extract and Betaine HCI further assist in the absorption of minerals, and regeneration of bones.

OsteoTherapy+ can be used to help build and maintain healthy bones throughout the body. In addition to treating bone loss, it may help prevent osteoporosis, and periodontal disease.

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