Periodontal Disease and Nutrition

Periodontal (gum) disease is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting about three quarters of all adults. In the earliest stages of gingivitis, it is easily treatable, and can typically be reversed. However, because the symptoms are mild, or even nonexistent, gingivitis often goes undetected. As the infection spreads (becoming periodontitis), pockets form round the teeth and gums become increasingly swollen. Untreated, the condition leads to bone deterioration, tooth loss, and eroding gum tissue.

Although the importance of oral hygiene cannot be underestimated, it is far from the only factor affecting the development of periodontal disease. The mouth is not a separate entity, it as part of the whole body. Therefore, no matter how well you care for your mouth, if overall health is poor, oral health will be poor. Healthy gum tissue has a natural degree of resistance to infection. Deficiencies of nutrients such as folic acid and citric acid are believed to increase gingival permeability and susceptibility to bacterial plaque. Mineral deficiencies weaken the bone, making it vulnerable to infection.

According to the World Health Organization, periodontal disease is more aggressive in populations with a higher rate of malnutrition. Nutritional deficiencies are not limited to the impoverished. Busy professionals routinely deprive their bodies of proper nutrition when they choose processed convenience foods over fresh, whole, natural foods. Unfortunately, with today’s busy lifestyle this is becoming increasingly common, which is why the American Medical Association has been recommending dietary supplements since 2002.

Pharmaden’s PerioCare is a scientifically formulated nutraceutical containing easily assimilated forms of vital nutrients, which are commonly lacking in a “normal” diet. It is often recommended by dentists following successful treatment, for the maintenance of periodontal health. Like all Pharmaden products, PerioCare is a nutritionally based formula, manufactured to the same elevated standards as any pharmaceutical product.

It makes sense that if proper nutrition can assist in the prevention of periodontal disease, enhanced nutrition can help treat it. This theory has been proven in a double blind study conducted at the prestigious Loma Linda University Dental School.

OsteoTherapy+ nutraceutical therapy, by Pharmaden, was proven to achieve significant improvement in pocket depth, plaque, and bleeding on periodontal patients with no other treatment. When PerioTherapy and OsteoTherapy+ are used as an adjunct to traditional periodontal disease treatment, the results are phenomenal.

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