Nearly 75 years ago, researchers and physicians recognized nutrition as an important component of oral health. Yet the notion was slow to take hold, and is still only touched upon in conventional dental and hygienist educational programs.

The concept of integrating pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements into dental care and treatment may sound revolutionary, that’s because it is! But, make no mistake, these products are time-tested by hundreds of dentists already using Pharmaden. Pharmaden has worked painstakingly with dentists and hygienists for more than 20 years to develop these nutraceuticals, for specific purposes.

Vitamins are compounds which the human body requires in small quantities to function properly, metabolize food, regenerate tissue, grow, and develop. We should get the vitamins we need organically from our natural diets. Vitamin deficiencies result in all sorts of health disorders and complications. The facts are:

Every person needs a regular, healthy diet, rich in raw food nutrition for optimal health. However, Few people eat right.
Each person combating gum disease, or having dental implants, and major dental work find it difficult to eat raw fruits and vegetables for several weeks (months) after treatment. Quality supplements make sense to take during this time.
Many people already take low absorbing synthetic vitamin supplements.

In addition

Most people believe they should take vitamins.
Many people do take vitamin supplements.
Hardly any consumers understand that most vitamins are poor-quality, low-absorbing, synthetic substitutes for what is lacking in their diets. (Discover how Pharmaden’s OsteoTherapy+ compares to leading brands for bone support here.)

periopack periocare periotherapy osteotherapy
Pharmaden products are nutraceuticals. PerioTherapy, PerioCare, and OsteoTherapy+ are pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements designed to boost immune and overall health, while used as an adjuncts to the treatment of periodontal disease and bone remineralization. Pharmaden, developed by a practicing dentist, is the only program of its type. It is also the only nutritional supplement backed by a double blind study from an American university (Loma Linda) supporting its positive impact on plaque, bleeding gums, and pocket depth – the three primary components of gum disease.

The all-natural ingredients in Pharmaden formulations have unsurpassed purity. For example, they contain 98 percent polyphenols (grape seed extract) – a far superior percentage than anything found in a store. We add piper nigrum (black pepper) extract to PerioCare and PerioTherapy which dilates blood vessels for a 40 percent increase in absorption, allowing key ingredients to be taken into the body for their intended purpose – not flushed away uselessly.

As with any new therapy or dietary change, a patient must check with his or her primary care physician before taking these dental supplements to be sure they are compatible with medications and existing medical conditions. Pharmaden provides everything that you need to know about the best vitamins for healthy gums and teeth! However, since these nutraceuticals are natural products made with the highest-quality ingredients available, patients can enjoy a high level of safety with Pharmaden.

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