Coaching From A Dentist Who’s Actually Created $1 Million General Dental Practices With A 50% Overhead Doing Quality Not Quantity Dentistry – Not Some Consultant Who Hasn’t Done It Themselves & Isn’t Even A Dentist.

    • Tired of low-income reimbursements and not getting the income you desire?
    • Is your general dental practice wearing on you? Do you wish you had a practice that fulfills you?
    • Too much overhead, hygienist issues, not doing enough of the dentistry you want to do?
    • Not able to spend enough time with patients? Not enough time for your family or hobbies outside of dentistry?
    • Tired of managing a large staff & big facility?
    • Tired of not getting paid what you deserve?
    • Have you thought about changing your business model, but just don’t know how or where to start?


Dr. Ron Schefdore will give you the inspiration, motivation, and how-to information you need to create a practice that YOU want. He knows how to create $1 million general dental practices with 50% or lower overhead. He’s done it multiple times and has been helping other dentists do the same for years. See what Dr. Ali has to say about one of our coaching programs in the video at the bottom of this page. Now, he’d like to show YOU how to do the same. dr ron schefdore dental coaching Let us be clear…This is NOT about doing poor quality dentistry and 10-minute prophy’s – just the opposite! This is about doing quality dentistry, getting paid what you deserve, spending more time on exams, reducing stress and overhead, making your workday more enjoyable, and being able to reduce the hours you work each week (while still having a higher income) to invest that spare time spending time with people you love or doing things you enjoy outside of the office. In 2020, he sold his last, and final, practice. Fully retiring from dentistry has allowed him the opportunity to spend more time helping more dentists see this type of success. The website for the practice he just sold is —–> Schedule a brief, no obligation call with Dr. Schefdore to discuss your exact situation & create a custom program that could get your practice the way you want it to be today. Click here to schedule. Most “coaches” CANNOT offer what we do. They’ve either never practiced dentistry or never owned several successful general dental practice for 37 years with a 50% overhead, with a strong hygiene & perio department doing quality dentistry. As a dentist, Dr. Schefdore has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly and worked through many of the things that you are struggling with that other coaches cannot possibly understand. We can help with everything from clinical skills to office layout. Learn to be more efficient and do the same, or better, quality dentistry. It is a pressure pot for dentists to treat patients and own a dental office because of the enormous responsibilities. Learn a different and better way to practice dentistry. Other coaches do not know how prepare your practice and sell it without a broker. Dr. Schefdore sold 3 of his practices with no broker fees for top dollar! Let us show you how YOU can do it. If you are looking for another business model go and schedule a 1-on-1 call with Dr. Schefdore today. —–> Schedule a brief, no obligation call with Dr. Schefdore to discuss your practice & how it can be improved. Click here to schedule. See more coaching testimonials towards the bottom of this page:

Hear from Dr. Ali in the Chicago area about his experience with this 90 day coaching program:

Testimonials from other coaching clients learning his Hygienist-Free model

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