The most sophisticated tool in advanced dental care

There is no doubt that modern technology, science, and precision equipment have revolutionized dental care. The conscientious, modern dentist takes pride in having a state of the art office, equipped with the latest lasers, cameras, and x-ray machines. All of these are wonderful tools, enabling amazing results in many areas of practice, including periodontal care. However, the most sophisticated system, which has phenomenal healing and curative potential, is largely ignored.

The human body has the innate ability to heal itself, and stave off disease and infection. This well-known fact is often overlooked when something (like periodontal disease) goes wrong. It is assumed that the condition is too severe for the immune system to fight off, and the focus turns to external treatment options.

When a piece of equipment fails to perform, we ask ourselves why. Was it maintained properly? Was it given adequate power or fuel? If not, we assume that it could do better under better circumstances. Yet, when the immune system fails to protect the patient, we rarely ask ourselves why. The human body, like a machine, requires optimal “fuel” for optimal performance, meaning proper nutrition. It also has a level of complexity unparalleled by any machine or computer, meaning that there is no simple answer to what the immune system needs.

Dietary supplements have been a controversial topic among medical professionals for some time. We understand that a high percentage of patients do not consume an adequate amount of nutrients, in the right balance, for optimal immunity. However, there are few regulations on the manufacture of supplements, and package claims are often unproven. The Pharmaden line of nutraceuticals was developed to address these issues. They are manufactured to the same exacting standards as any regulated pharmaceutical product, and scientifically formulated for maximum bioavailability.

Only Pharmaden offers a Loma Linda tested and proven effective, nutritional therapy for periodontal disease. Our nutraceuticals provide a broad range of carefully balanced nutrients, to give the body the “fuel” it needs for optimal healing and immunity. Three formulas are available, to meet the needs of various phases of prevention and treatment. Now you can add the patient’s own immune system to your arsenal of sophisticated weapons against periodontal disease!

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