The Value of Comprehensive Care

Treatment of periodontal disease is one of the greatest challenges in dentistry. Although it is easily reversible in the earliest stages, most patients do not seek treatment until the advanced stages. Rampant infection is difficult to control, because malnutrition and compromised immunity are frequently present in these patients. Fortunately, we have a natural, healthy solution that has been proven to decrease the gingival index, probing depth, and bleeding gums. PerioTherapy, an exclusive nutraceutical formula from Pharmaden, was tested and proven effective by Loma Linda University.

PerioTherapy is at the forefront of the growing movement among dentists gravitating towards comprehensive care. We know that healthy mouth is part of a healthy body. It does not exist independently in an unhealthy body, nor does an unhealthy mouth exist in a truly healthy body.

As emerging research continues to prove the connection between oral and whole health, more dentists, primary physicians, and medical specialists are working together in a patient-focused cooperative effort, with phenomenal results. However, dentists cannot rely solely on other doctors to address all health issues. A dentist is an oral health physician, not simply a doctor of teeth. Therefore, dental professionals are broadening their scope of treatment and counseling, to incorporate more than tooth care.

Traditional treatment and prevention of periodontal disease is topical, focused exclusively on the periodontal structures. Removing bacteria is an important step in treatment, but it does not address the underlying reasons that the patient was susceptible to infection. People who are malnourished have a higher risk of developing periodontal disease, due to compromised immunity.

Dietary improvements would benefit most periodontal disease patients, though few are willing to make drastic changes. In today’s society, food is often the center of a social event, an opportunity to indulge, or an inconvenience to be delegated as little time as possible. Rarely do we consider that the fundamental purpose of eating is to provide one’s body with the nutrients it needs to function and thrive. Therefore, the nutritional value of food is often given low priority, if it is given any thought at all.

PerioTherapy is scientifically formulated to increase the body’s natural ability to heal and ward off infection. Rather than a single compound, it contains a blend of nutrients that work together synergistically. Echinacea enhances immunity and inhibits the spread of bacteria. CoEnzyme Q10 improves healing abilities, while folic acid promotes healthy cell growth. Ingredients such as black pepper improve absorption and effectiveness of the formula.

Pharmaden nutraceuticals are the choice of quality conscious dentists and informed patients everywhere.

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