We’ve heard so many stories about the side-effects of antibiotics our customers are on, and then we hear “Does Pharmaden really work?”. Pharmaden is designed to support the immune system from the inside out and encourage normal gum health.

The ONLY supplement backed by a double blind study (from Loma Linda University) to show a reduction in bleeding, plaque, and pocket depth. It took 62 studies for Pharmaden to now offer the superior supplement available with the highest grade grape seed extract and added black pepper to increase absorption by up to 40% more. You can enjoy a high level of security with Pharmaden since these nutraceuticals are natural products made with the highest quality ingredients available.

Since 1998, thousands of patients and hundreds of dentists and hygienists have seen the benefits by incorporating Pharmaden into their office protocols and patient at home maintenance. Pharmaden nutraceuticals were developed by dentists for their dental patients using 62 studies (see the periodontal nutritional summary). More and more dentists and hygienists are using whole food vitamins as part of a conservative approach to oral and overall health instead of drugs and surgery.

Pharmaden products are not only for oral health! In only 2 decades Pharmaden products have gone from an oral health supplement to an absolutely essential and foundational ingredient for hair, nails, bone, skin, tissue healing, brain function, eyesight, and more.

A double blind study was completed at Loma Linda University Dental School on Pharmaden’s PerioTherapy product which showed a significant reduction of bleeding, pocket depth and plaque. Compendium – Dentistry’s peer reviewed magazine, featured Pharmaden as far back as May 2001. Dentistry Today Magazine voted Pharmaden Nutraceuticals as one of the top 100 products in 2004. Other major Dental Magazines such as Dental Economics, Dental Products Report, RDH, Dental Town, and others featured Pharmaden products in their magazines or websites.

Don’t be fooled by the competitors who refer to Pharmaden’s Loma Linda study as their own to sell their products. We are not aware of any other supplement company that has a published, peer reviewed, American university double blind study on periodontal patients.

See the research.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with your physician before taking any supplements.