As a dentist for the past 37 years, I have seen many people with swollen and easily bleeding gums in my practice. The most common problem I have seen that caused the swollen and easily bleeding gums were due to :

1)      An underlying medical issue. For example, undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes.

2)      Lack of good home care. The best results were people who brushed their teeth, gums, roof of the mouth, and tongue for 3 minutes twice a day and removed the food and bacteria in between the teeth with a small interdental brush, floss, or water flosser.

3)      Take a quality supplement(s) if short on essential nutrients. The gums as well as other organs of the body need essential nutrients in order to function properly. When asking my patients who did have swollen and easily bleeding gums if their nutritional eating habits were poor, average, or really good, the overwhelming majority told be poor or average.

A study was done on people who had swollen gums that easily bled, at Loma Linda University in California. They were given a specific high absorbing supplement called PerioTherapy by Pharmaden Nutraceuticals for 30 days. They were instructed not to change the way they were cleaning their teeth. The patients taking the supplement for only 30 days showed a significant improvement in bleeding, pocket depth around the teeth (puffy gums), and plaque(bacteria). You can read the Loma Linda double blind study here:

Dr. Ron Schefdore
President, Pharmaden LLC