Spring is about to peak it’s sunny face out from behind the clouds of winter – and you know what that means … ST. PATRICKS DAY IS ALMOST UPON US!

Soon, the rivers will run green and millions of Americans will spend their entire weekend staggering in and out of bars. It is a glorious celebration of booze, parties, and minor lapses in judgement. Of course, it also means one helluva hangover.

Don’t let your bad decisions today ruin your fun tomorrow. Get a head start on defeating your hangover with these simple – and natural – preventative tips.

But first, you need to understand what a hangover is, as a biological condition.

What is a hangover?

When you imbibe too much alcohol, most people notice a “warm, fuzzy” feeling. This is due to your heart and metabolic rate being altered by alcohol. Essentially, the body heat that is usually stored in your core begins to creep further out from your heart and towards your skin. This results in the feeling of warmth, when in reality you are actually losing heat at an increased rate.

This increase in metabolic rate and loss of heat has many implications through the body but for the purposes of this article, its most detrimental effects are on your blood chemistry. The negative effects to your blood chemistry are far reaching, however they all share the same cause – malnourishment.

Malnourishment does not mean that you are hungry – you can be on hour 2 of a pizza coma and still be malnourished. Rather, malnourishment means that the vitamins and minerals that your body relies on to function normally are severely out of balance. You have too much of the wrong stuff, not enough of the good; It’s that simple.

Also, when you are out drinking like a Viking, you are taking in a lot more fluids than you usually do. This excess in fluids must be passed in order to make room for more of that delicious green beer, so you pee more. This extra “evacuation of fluids” exacerbates the malnourishment issue even further, sprinkling a dash of old-fashioned dehydration on top of the issue.

It is the dual action of dehydration and general malnourishment that causes your hangover. So, it stands to reason that in order to prevent (or reduce) a hangover, you have to attack these two ailments at the same time.

Preventing your hangover

This is that obligatory part of the blog post where I say “you can always choose to drink in moderation”, but c’mon … You wouldn’t be reading this article if you intended to just sip a quick glass of chardonnay. You, sir or madam, are looking to – as the kids call it – get turnt.

So, what are the preventive measures that you can take to make sure your head isn’t throbbing tomorrow morning?

Stay hydrated

Chances are that you already know this one. By slamming the occasional glass of water while boozing you can get your blood chemistry in an improved state of equilibrium. So, if you want to prevent your hangover, the best thing you can do is have a glass of water in between every one or two drinks.

If we have any native Englishmen reading this, I already know what you’re thinking and no – switching to American beer at 11 PM doesn’t count as drinking water.

While drinking water DURING your celebratory binge is the most effective way to prevent a hangover, most people don’t want to be the weirdo sipping H2O at the bar. So, you can help to ease your suffering in the morning by chugging a few glasses of water just before you go to bed.

(But, fair warning, if you choose to near water-board yourself 5 minutes before the sandman hits you, you might wake up in a puddle of your own making.)

Stay nourished

In order to prevent a hangover, the most important thing that you can do (other than drinking water like some nerd) is to use high-grade vitamins, AKA nutraceuticals, regularly.

Nutraceuticals, like Pharmaden’s PerioCare contain high doses of all of the essential nutrients that you need to wake up the next morning without feeling the urge to vomit in a mesh trash basket. Vitamins achieve this result by – not only – replenishing the vitamins in your blood, but by also adding a substantial amount of natural anti-inflammatory agents.

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When coupled with a healthy meal right before your first shot, pint, flagon or whatever, vitamins are your go-to hangover prevention method. However, supplements require being taken regularly in order for you to see the other health benefits. So, if this is neither your first nor last boozy night, it is important to incorporate nutritional supplements into your daily lifestyle habits.

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