Doctors Have a Marketing Problem

Doctors Have a Marketing Problem

Doctors Have a Marketing Problem

Doctors Have a Marketing Problem

Doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, and everyone else involved in the medical field share a common secret: they don’t know everything. I know, it’s shocking to hear that members of our intellectual elite are not sentient quantum-computers; able to think on a level that would cause the heads of mere mortals to explode. Yet, in a – purely business – sense, health care professionals are often unfamiliar with things that other entrepreneurs (that’s right, your friendly local dentist is an entrepreneur) spend years learning and mastering. The most obvious example of this in action is how they market.

medical marketing problem

For years, there was an undeserved stigma surrounding any dental practice or doctor’s office that actually dared to advertise their services. The feeling that health care providers were somehow “above” any form of marketing was a highly popular, and extremely damaging, belief that cost many doctors their business’s.

The medical field is a business that is – in many ways – the same as all the others…A specialist offers a service, customers pay them for said service, the specialist moves on to the next client. However, for some reason, when you replace the word “customer” with “patient” all of the time-honored rules of commerce no longer apply.

It’s very simple…In order for a body to live, it must eat. In order to eat, you must hunt. So too must your business. If your business is to survive, it must hunt for “food” by relentlessly marketing for fresh prospects and increasing the public’s interest in what you offer. However, most doctors are unable to perform the responsibilities that allow them to be paid for their skills because their mind is too occupied caring for their patients. Obviously, their priorities are where they need to be. Yet, the fact remains that they must still be on the lookout for low maintenance, automated, marketing techniques that get real results; that way, they can continue providing the life-saving services that they have made into their life’s work.

Video Marketing

Fortunately, with advances in video-capturing and social media, there is now a low-cost, low-effort, solution for doctor’s who need more patients right now. Video marketing.

Video marketing is more efficient than any print, radio, or billboard ad for several reasons:

  1. People would much rather watch a quick (1 minute or less) video than read text.
  2. It’s now incredibly easy to share across social media and email blasts.
  3. For a prospect, being able to see a live person, and hear their voice, has been proven to increase the business’s “likability factor”, which has the effect of making you seem more credible.
  4. When prospects know you, and trust you, they are much more willing to do business with you.

And other brands are benefitting from this new technique. For instance, in a recent study performed by WireBuzz.com, it was discovered that businesses who use videos to advertise online grow their yearly revenue by almost 49% more than their non-video competitors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

dental video marketing

Emails that contain video experience 250% more “click-throughs”; where prospects have gone to the business website to request information after watching the clip. And, according to HubSpot (a noted website for marketing professionals), if you have a video on the landing page for your practice, 80% of the time you can convert those prospects into paying customers. The same article goes on to say that if a person enjoys your video ad, a prospect’s “purchase intent” raises by 97%, and your brand recognition increases by 139%. Therefore, people are more likely to spend money at your office and – even if they don’t – they are much more liable to at least remember you.

Top Search Video

There is now a company devoted to video marketing, purely for health care professionals. Accustomed to the specific needs of doctors, Top Search Video makes the marketing videos of your dreams without weighing down your budget. Doctors and dentists across the country can now enjoy the benefits of a low-maintenance, automated, marketing platform that performs at the level your practice deserves.

And, unlike many of Top Search’s competitors, Top Search Video’s results in real search engine optimization. Take a look at the results we achieved for one of our clients websites by incorporating video marketing…

successful dental marketing

While every client gets their video on YouTube we also go beyond that. We share these videos on other websites and platforms. The result? Our clients can take over more than just 1 spot on the first page of a Google search. Notice all of the red arrows above? Because we go beyond just 1 video we have this client dominating their area.

By using video’s in their marketing this one dental practice was able to dominate the first page of Google for their location. What would it mean for your practice if anytime someone searched for a service you offer, your name was the only result to appear? In fact, here is what some of our other clients have to say about Top Search Video:

online marketing for dentists testimonials

Top Search Video is also an affiliate of Pharmaden: a total health organization that gained its exceptional reputation by developing the only double-blind-tested nutraceutical specifically designed for oral health issues. When doctors have used Top Search Video in conjunction with Pharmaden products, they have seen their income grow and their patients flourish.

After a quick, no-pressure, consultation with Top Search Video, I am sure that you will see all of the ways that we can remove some of the biggest stresses of your professional life (too little time, energy, and not enough active patients). Contact us to schedule an appointment by either emailing info@Pharmaden.net or calling Pharmaden directly at 800-910-5523.