Dentistry is changing with the times. Nowadays, a dentist can find out if you have high cholesterol or high C-Reactive Protein, 2 major heart markers. A dentist can also find out if you have colon cancer, diabetes, gout, or a variety of other health issues.

Westmont dentist and Pharmaden President, Dr. Ron Schefdore, will refer his patients to their physician when they have gum disease in order to rule out any underlying health issues.

One patient in particular stands out. Dr. Schefdore treated a patient for gum disease and his inflammatory blood test, called high sensitivity C-Reactive protein (HS-CRP), was still high after clearing up his periodontal disease. This led to Dr. Schefdore refering this patient to their physician to find the source of inflammation. What they found was indeed a second source of the high inflammation…colon cancer!! 2 months after surgery the patients HS-CRP were very low. The patient was very grateful that his colon cancer was caught early…all because of his dentist!

All in all, a good dentist will care about more than just their patients smile. What our oral health tells a dentist could save your life too. Go to a good and caring dentist, make sure they do more than just see you for a few minutes when you go in for a routine cleaning. Dr. Schefdore will see all of his patients at least 20 minutes during a cleaning and perform a thorough 15 point exam.

Dr. Ron Schefdore & Staff (Lauren, Ewcia, Jenna)